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Aaand Action!Aaand Action!/GalleryAaand Action!/Transcript
All Washed UpAll Washed Up/GalleryAll Washed Up/Transcript
Amos CrawleyAnd the Wiener Is...And the Wiener Is.../Gallery
And the Wiener Is.../TranscriptAndrew CraigAqua Chumps
Aqua Chumps/GalleryAqua Chumps/TranscriptAshley
Ashley BrownAshley TaylorBar None
Bar None/GalleryBar None/TranscriptBattle of the Band
Battle of the Band/GalleryBattle of the Band/TranscriptBeware the Lunchwad
Beware the Lunchwad/GalleryBeware the Lunchwad/TranscriptBradley
Buttnocchio/GalleryButtnocchio/TranscriptBye Bye, Baby Birdie
Bye Bye, Baby Birdie/GalleryBye Bye, Baby Birdie/Transcript
Casa Blank StareCasa Blank Stare/GalleryCasa Blank Stare/Transcript
CharactersChristmas of Doom!Christmas of Doom!/Gallery
Christmas of Doom!/TranscriptCoat of Many TroublesCoat of Many Troubles/Gallery
Coat of Many Troubles/TranscriptDaniel GoodfellowDidn't'cha, Mr. D?
Didn't'cha, Mr. D?/GalleryDidn't'cha, Mr. D?/TranscriptDill
Dill, Man of LettersDill, Man of Letters/GalleryDill, Man of Letters/Transcript
Dill/GalleryDisappearing ActDisappearing Act/Gallery
Disappearing Act/TranscriptDisciplinary ActionDisciplinary Action/Gallery
Disciplinary Action/TranscriptDo the Hooky PokeyDo the Hooky Pokey/Gallery
Do the Hooky Pokey/TranscriptDo the RussellDo the Russell/Gallery
Do the Russell/TranscriptDoddler's List
Doddler's List/GalleryDoddler's List/TranscriptDoll Day Afternoon
Doll Day Afternoon/GalleryDoll Day Afternoon/TranscriptEnvironmentally Frenzied
Environmentally Frenzied/GalleryEnvironmentally Frenzied/TranscriptEpisode List
Fox KidsFrank
Frank/GalleryGross AnatomyGross Anatomy/Gallery
Gross Anatomy/TranscriptHave a Cow ManHave a Cow Man/Gallery
Have a Cow Man/TranscriptHit the ShowersHit the Showers/Gallery
Hit the Showers/TranscriptHold ItHold It/Gallery
Hold It/TranscriptIce Cream, You ScreamIce Cream, You Scream/Gallery
Ice Cream, You Scream/TranscriptIf It Ain't Fixed, Break ItIf It Ain't Fixed, Break It/Gallery
If It Ain't Fixed, Break It/TranscriptIt's My PartiesIt's My Parties/Gallery
It's My Parties/TranscriptJourney to the Center of Stacy's ClosetJourney to the Center of Stacy's Closet/Gallery
Journey to the Center of Stacy's Closet/TranscriptJumbo FrankJumbo Frank/Gallery
Jumbo Frank/TranscriptLanceLance/Gallery
Lassie Go HomeLassie Go Home/GalleryLassie Go Home/Transcript
Latchkey GardensLester
Lights OutLights Out/GalleryLights Out/Transcript
List of home mediaLittle Barbershop of HorrorsLittle Barbershop of Horrors/Gallery
Little Barbershop of Horrors/TranscriptMadam Know-It-AllMadam Know-It-All/Gallery
Madam Know-It-All/TranscriptMarianna Galati
MelodyMiddlestick ElementaryMouse in the Midst
Mouse in the Midst/GalleryMouse in the Midst/TranscriptMr. Doddler
Mr. LederhosenMrs. SalazarMs. Mobley
NelvanaNight of the Living DumpsterNight of the Living Dumpster/Gallery
Night of the Living Dumpster/TranscriptOwed to a TreeOwed to a Tree/Gallery
Owed to a Tree/TranscriptPepperoniPepperoni/Gallery
Photo OopsPhoto Oops/GalleryPhoto Oops/Transcript
Pool PartyPool Party/GalleryPool Party/Transcript
Principal CoffinQuboReport Card of Doom
Report Card of Doom/GalleryReport Card of Doom/TranscriptReturn Your Seats to an Uptight Position
Return Your Seats to an Uptight Position/GalleryReturn Your Seats to an Uptight Position/TranscriptRing Toss
Ring Toss/GalleryRing Toss/TranscriptRussell
Russell/AppearancesRussell/GalleryScared Stupid
Scared Stupid/GalleryScared Stupid/TranscriptScooter
Season 1Season 2Season 3
Send in the ClonesSend in the Clones/GallerySend in the Clones/Transcript
Slime a BeanSlime a Bean/GallerySlime a Bean/Transcript
Stacy SticklerStacy Stickler/Appearances
Stacy Stickler/GalleryStacy and Bradley Sittin' in a TreeStacy and Bradley Sittin' in a Tree/Gallery
Stacy and Bradley Sittin' in a Tree/TranscriptStanley SticklerStella Stickler
Stickin' AroundStickin' Around WikiStickin Around Discord
Temper, TemperTemper, Temper/Gallery
Temper, Temper/TranscriptTexas Chainsaw-EctomyTexas Chainsaw-Ectomy/Gallery
Texas Chainsaw-Ectomy/TranscriptThe Amazing Rubber GuyThe Amazing Rubber Guy/Gallery
The Amazing Rubber Guy/TranscriptThe Ghost and Mr. CoffinThe Ghost and Mr. Coffin/Gallery
The Ghost and Mr. Coffin/TranscriptThe Good, The Bad and the BradleyThe Good, The Bad and the Bradley/Gallery
The Good, The Bad and the Bradley/TranscriptThe Great OutsideThe Great Outside/Gallery
The Great Outside/TranscriptThe Mucus TouchThe Mucus Touch/Gallery
The Mucus Touch/TranscriptThe Scarlet PimpleThe Scarlet Pimple/Gallery
The Scarlet Pimple/TranscriptThe Treasure of Sierra LatchkeyThe Treasure of Sierra Latchkey/Gallery
The Treasure of Sierra Latchkey/TranscriptThis is a Hiccup!This is a Hiccup!/Gallery
This is a Hiccup!/TranscriptWhat's the Flap, Jack?What's the Flap, Jack?/Gallery
What's the Flap, Jack?/TranscriptWhat's the Scoop?What's the Scoop?/Gallery
What's the Scoop?/TranscriptWilliamYTV
Yams AwayYams Away/GalleryYams Away/Transcript